Mounting Your Favorite Icons On Your Walls

Walls, floors and all, but to all practical intents and purposes, it might not be possible for you to mount a pretty picture on your floor. Or so you would have thought, because if you go to online shopping centers like you will find that it is quite possible to find a mural that can become a part of your floor’s canvas. But then again, where does that leave you. Most conventional folks would rather be looking up, and up to their walls they most certainly can.

There have been those really inventive folks who designed appropriately sized murals or portraits of some the world’s most loathsome creatures. Who would want that on their wall? No, these minute murals go straight into your toilet bowl or the public urinal. So, this is irksome, time to switch to the favorites. It is always a good idea to mount your personal favorites on your walls. If, for instance, you really are in the bathroom and you need something or someone to distract you from your business well, there you go, you get the picture.

Icons that inspire are a good idea for the home work environment. This is where many hours of productive time are spent. Jobs need to get done on time. But sometimes the mind wonders. Usually it is always a good idea to break away for a few moments to clear your mind, but what if you’ve just had your break. That may still be unproductive now that the clock is ticking against the wall. Clocks on the walls make great icons too.

They remind you of father time. But then again, time never stands still and the ticking hands or changing digital numerals can be quite imposing. Forced to sit at your desk for at least another half hour or so, you can always look up to someone you really admire. Someone who truly inspires you, or gaze your way towards a faraway place you’ve only always dreamed of going to. This, sure enough, is dreaming, but dreams do come true.