Learning About Esports Betting

With esports growing in popularity, it is no wonder that there is now a market for placing esports bets.  Traditional athletics have obviously had bookies to take bets on certain events for quite some time, but esports wagering is something that is very new.  Still, because esports generally has a more online market than traditional sports do, one might expect that the betting that goes on during esports competitions might actually use digital currencies instead of regular money more often than not.  They would not be mistaken in this assumption.  While people do still wager regular currencies when it comes to esports gambling, but many are finding that digital currencies work a whole lot better.  Because of the fact that esports generally appeal to those of a younger generation, it ought to come as no surprise that many of these people would prefer to wager using digital currencies.

I regularly check http://esportsjunkie.com for all of the news and updates on the esports industry, including info about the different teams and upcoming events.  It was there that I learned that there is an online esports book that has been taking bets on events for years now.  They are called Unikrn, and they have even created their own digital coin that people use to place bets called Unikoin.  This was something that I found fascinating, and as I looked deeper into it, it appeared to me that there was a legitimate interest in placing esports bets on the internet.  After looking into all of this info, I decided that I might have enough knowledge of the different competitors that I would be able to win a little bit of money.

I decided to place my first bet on the League of Legends competition, and while I was nervous while waiting for the results, I actually found that my bet had been successful.  I won quite a bit of money by placing that wager, and I was definitely glad that I did it. 


Just like in regular sports, if you are going to wager on esports, it is essential that you do your research so that you can place informed bets.  So long as you study the different competitors, you will have a leg up when you place your bets.  There is a lot of money to be made in esports betting if you are willing to do your homework.